An (unfortunate) Farewell to our Master Ninja!*

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An (unfortunate) Farewell to our Master Ninja!*

Post by grayspence on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:32 pm

This week marks a major benchmark in our bumpy road with Team Epic. Unfortunately, Heckboy88, Our respected founder,leader and veteran on the LBW forum, has decided to take his bow and leave the forums and Team Epic...
No one has any information if/when he will return, but everyone must remember, that this DOES NOT MEAN that Team Epic is going to die! We are currently disscussing what we are going to do with team epic at this time. For now, let us just say our goodbyes, and hope that our respected leader will return someday.

-See you, Heck, you were a good friend. And i think everyone on the forums, and in Team Epic, will agree with me!

Im sorry if you wanted to post your farewell here on your own, but i didint think you were going to come and post here since your farewell thread on LBW was so noticed.

I hope everyone will contribute here, as he will be missed!

This ones for you!

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