Group inactivity report thread.

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Group inactivity report thread. Empty Group inactivity report thread.

Post by grayspence on Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:31 pm

Hey, Please list any inactive members along with you team name so we can find them, give them a warning, and then, if it is the member resignating, remove them from team epic and these forums!

I will demonstrate (not actual inactivity report)

Group 3/Team: Team sooper!
Inactive member PSN ID: 1337noob42
Date of last sighting: December 2nd
Any information of where he/she might have gone? If so, how long?

Last time i saw him/her, he/she told me that he/she would be going on vacation sometime this month.

Please only fill in a report if that member in your group has not appeared for at least 5 days!

Thanks, Grayspence.

P.S: I made this thread so that the commanders dont have to look through pages and pages of threads to find the inactive member PSN ID

No longer needed as we have other means of doing this now! Thx for your help!Thread will be deleted within 24hours.

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