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Wolf wants YOU! Empty Wolf wants YOU!

Post by sethisi on Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:35 pm

To anyone that still reads these forums. doggy2 can explain it better, so here is a quote:


is WOLF's first operation. Operations can be many things. A level, a
series, a war, or in this case a clan wide problem solving. What is the
problem you might say. The problem is this: WOLF is too small. You have
all established yourselves as dedicated WOLF operatives. I know that if
something goes wrong, WOLF can fall back onto you people. It is now
time to expand. The point of all of this is to make WOLF ready for any
challenges LBP will throw at us. The operation will be in three phases:

Phase 1: Initiate

with this post, Phase 1 is now a go. This is the longest and most
difficult phase. Once we get past it, the rest of the operation is a
breeze. During phase 1, we must grow our numbers. What do I ask of you?
This is what should happen:

1. Tell your freinds list that plays
LBP to join WOLF. Along with this, I temporarly lift the minimum 20
post count on an LBP related site. Instead, people who join without
this will become recruits and once they take part in some levels, and
they reach 20 posts, they will become team members. New people can also
PM me and ask to be promoted to Team Member once they reach 20 posts,
but I will test them and they better be amazing creators.

2. At
some point, I will make a post in Littlebig Land telling people to
join. But not Littlebig Central. (There are established clans already
there, we want to stay on their good side. Plus no one would join
except noobs).

3. MOST CRUCIAL OF ALL! We must inform Team Epic
Members of WOLF ASAP. Team Epic is dead, we must take advantage of this
opportunity. There must be people left that still want to be in an OC
group. The member lists are still up, we could pull this off.

Phase 2: Strengthen

this phase, we will strengthen WOLF's infrastructure and ensure that
even if I leave (The only possibility of this happening is when I go
college, in THREE years), WOLF will name its first admirals and
stability will be ensured. We will:

1. Make sure that everyone knows their duty and their place

Kick noobs out. If someone in a group shows the symptoms of a noob
(these include long periods of inactivity, inability to work together,
or the inability to create half decently), they will get the boot.

Once this is done, to test WOLF, I will take a vacation for at least 1
week, but no more then 2 weeks. During this time, the admirals will
pick up the slack and WOLF will function as normal. I will still look
at the forums and perform moderation duties. I will not answer any
posts, Pms, or PSN messages. I will resume duties when I return, or
when WOLF goes down the chute.

4. After my leave, WOLF will hold
its first elections. These will be held for master of recruitment,
master of level production, master of stability, and 2 advisors. These
people will form my cabinet.

Phase 3: Establish

During this, WOLF will establish itself as a major clan of LBP. How do we do this?

1. Establish alliances with other clans. Every good clan needs some friends.

2. Ensure that any enemies we have are tiny noob clans.

Publish a WOLF level that gets onto the cool levels page. I have no
control on when a WOLF level makes it here, but it should happen by
this point.

Once this operation is over, WOLF will be a major
LBP clan with many, many members. I am one person, so we all need to
work together. If you work hard, and take part in this, there may be
promotions waiting for you Shocked . NOW GO MY MINIONS!

ZOMG!! OUR FORUMS ARE UP!!!! And We're in the PS3 Workshop!
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Wolf wants YOU! Empty Re: Wolf wants YOU!

Post by doggy2 on Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:19 pm

Indeed Seth. Remember, if you were a part of Team Epic, you get to ignore the recruitment process and be immediatly be promoted to Team Member! Here is our forums: http://wolfforums.forummotion.com/forum.htm
Happy Gadder

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Wolf wants YOU! Empty Re: Wolf wants YOU!

Post by supremeoverlord1 on Wed May 12, 2010 6:17 pm

isn't this a bit traitorious to team epic
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Wolf wants YOU! Empty Re: Wolf wants YOU!

Post by Habster360 on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:37 pm

Erm, yea. Sorry for being late to the party here, but don't think it's necessary to explain my reasoning for locking this thread. If you want to advertise your clan, do it somewhere that isn't the Team EPIC forums.

Ninja Lord

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Wolf wants YOU! Empty Re: Wolf wants YOU!

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