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Record Your Group's Progress Here!!!! Empty Record Your Group's Progress Here!!!!

Post by jaslow on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:24 pm

Well, Heckboy is gone, so I really don't know what's gonna happen to TE, but this thread has got to be made. Whenever your group gets something done on your level, just post here how far you are in the creation process. I'm only putting the groups who post in this thread in the list, just to avoid clutter and to make sure no inactive groups are included.

Group 25:
Leader- slayer25c
Visualist- jaslow
Mechanic- jose340o
Random Crapper- Lemun(has not created with us yet)
Progress- 3%
Master of the Popit

Mic/Keyboard : Mic and Keyboard
Class : Visualist
PSN : jaslow
Team Number : None.
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